Z-Lense Real-time 3D scene scanning

UPDATE prototype 3.0
Z-lense is a development by a new startup from Hungary. Its a camera add-on 3D rig which creates full 3D depth data on the fly whilst the camera is recording. Hardware and software development is ongoing currently but soon there will be a prototype 2.0.

The zLense platform is a real-time 3D scene scanning technology graphics engine rolled into a compact, standalone solution that can be integrated into most broadcast environments. Its camera-mounted sensor unit captures 3D data in sync with the RGB output of the camera and combines the data stream into accurate camera tracking and 3D scene information. The built-in rendering engine uses the data stream to render mixed reality – Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR) – environments based on camera position and a compositing engine blends the RGB image with the virtual world seamlessly.

Check the Z-lense site for more details.

Final product - 2015

UPDATE! Protoype 3.0 - 2015

UPDATE! Protoype 2.0 - 2014

Protoype 1.0 - 2012