New Inhaler Archetypes

Philips Design - Exploring new concepts for drug delivery through inhalation 


Certain illnesses require medications to be delivered through inhalation. The precise dosage of the medication and the time of delivery are crucial for the success of the treatment just like in case of diabetes patients.

Concept 1 / Branch
I choose portability and speed to be the driving characteristics of this direction.
Stripping down the architecture to only its most necessary elements, handle, drug chamber, and a tube for inhalation creates a clean simple look which is easy to carry around as nothing can get loose or break off. Loading medication and adjusting it's volume is very intuitive. Press the top to open chamber fill it up and press it back to close. To adjust the amount of medication rotate the handle until indicator shows the right amount. The whole product is watertight so its easy to rinse after use.

Concept 2 / Bubble Inhaler

The transparent dome is a manifestation of air the pure substance that makes it work.
The driving design principle was to create a new product icon based on the functionality of the product. The full vaporizing process is visible within the transparent dome which gives a visual feedback on how inhaler is functioning. The shape is spherical as this is the most comfortable shape to hold in hands which is a major concern when used by elderly.

Concept directions and sketches