Metamorphosis explores how we have become separated from the natural world, both in terms of our surroundings and how we perceive and manage our time. While seasons and time awaken powerful instinctive responses in us, the spaces in which we currently live and work do not reflect the changes outside to allow these effects to take place. Metamorphosis demonstrates how we have become detached from nature and the effect it has on our sensory experience and lifestyle.

Within the themes Light, Air, Sound and Body, design concepts have been created that view the home as a filter to limit air pollution, electromagnetic smog, and industrial noise penetrating our living and working space while letting in natural light, air and sound. The concepts work as a filter between people and the natural world from which, over time, people have become detached.

Sun beam

Natural Light diffuser and reflectors and an array of reflective surfaces scatter natural light piped in via fibre-optic cable. By changing the angle of the reflective elements light can be directed to additional reflectors in the room or to solar powered appliances which are powered with daylight. The active filters change the level of diffusion to affect the ‘mood’ of the light.

Sun Dial Table / Sense of time

The table uses an integrated system which responds to external lighting conditions and induces the natural sense of time passing.

Air Tree Mobile

Air tree is an air purifying object that reacts toi air quality and adjusts the parameters like humidity, oxigen content, temperature accordingly. Together with the Solar Blowbot two of them are resembling a makshift air conditioning system.

Solar Blowbot

The Blowbot is a solar powered robotic device that senses human presence and activity. It moves around the home generating breezes which are channeled through an inflatable textile bladder. It is powered by solar reflectors and has been designed to “visualize” air by dramatically inflating and deflating to create directional breezes.